Our School Menus

At Anderson Preparatory Academy™, we prepare homemade meals daily.  Interactive Healthy Meals System™ means we individualize a child's diet to include alternatives for allergies and accommodate diet preferences.  We have Vegetarian, Gluten-Free & Cultural diet alternatives, Kosher approved snacks, as well as several milk options (dairy, soy, rice).  We provide lots of fresh fruits and vegetables daily, use many organic foods, and do not add salt or sugar.  We even puree our own organic baby foods.

We believe children learn their eating habits at a very young age, so we strive to give them many healthy choices every day.  They also eat "Family Style" to create a more natural setting at meal time.  Family Style also encourages children to try new foods as they see their friends and Teachers eating them.  When a child asks for a carrot instead of a cookie, we know we are making a difference in the health of your children!

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